dimanche 22 mars 2015

Get Your User ID

Looking for your USER ID

Open Criminal Case Game and scroll to page bottom.
You can find User ID in criminal case game page bottom.

Find Your Signature

Easy Way To Find Your  Signature on Criminal Case.

Step 1 :

Open Your Game Criminal Case....

Step 2 :

Right Click on Empty Area then select "View Frame Source" (*if it ask for "Confirm Form Resubmission" just refresh page (F5) )  if you are using Mozilla,IE.. Select "This Frame"-> Click"View Frame Sources"

Step 3 :

Press  "CTRL + F" then Type Signature.
Signature must be like : gfze3a04b8a4e8fad12985c4f9654275
Video :

*If you still facing the same issue please, change your browser to {Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, Safari..} or clear your browser cache and cookies.
Hope it helps. Happy investigation!