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mercredi 21 octobre 2015

[CC NEWS] Briefing from The Bureau

Tension in the region is bordering on rebellion. Play it safe and lie low for a week while you prepare for your next destination. Your mission through the Sahara will resume on October 29th! Below is a preview of your upcoming assignment. Stay alert!

mercredi 14 octobre 2015

[NEW CASE] This week in Criminal Case: World Edition..

American oil magnate found dead in the Sahara! The layers of sand hide years of historical conflict - you'll have to drill deep to find the answers and catch the killer!

mardi 13 octobre 2015

Special Outfits in the Elite Avatar Shop!

[CC NEWS] COMING SOON! Trade in your Elite Mode Gold Rings to unlock special outfits in the Elite Avatar Shop! NEW items will be added weekly!!
*This feature will be available Wednesday on mobile and Thursday on desktop.

samedi 10 octobre 2015

Criminal Case Bonus

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Criminal Case :  Grimsborough / Pacific Bay / Save The World / Mysteries of The Past
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jeudi 8 octobre 2015

[NEW CASE #7] This week in Criminal Case: World Edition...

Poisoned dart claims another victim! Chase down the assassin through the streets of Morocco before another target is hit!