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mercredi 29 avril 2015

#Case 51 Pacific Bay

Innovation Valley is now a safer place thanks to you!

Ready for new challenges? On May 6th you'll enter Pacific Bay's rich and wild playground: Paradise City! Get ready for gambling, glitz and glamor! It’s a place where your wildest dreams can come true, but in a city full of gambling addicts, alcoholics, prostitutes and drifters, there are plenty of nightmares as well...

jeudi 23 avril 2015

Ranks & Levels

Ranks & Levels

As you progress in the game of Criminal Case you will earn XP (experience) points. You can keep track of how many XP points you have by looking at the blue bar at the top left of your game screen...
When you Level Up, you also reach a new Rank (e.g. Deputy). When this happens, in addition to getting the opportunity to share free Orange Juice on Facebook, you have the opportunity to share free Potato Chips with your friends...

There are currently 19 Ranks in Criminal Case, you can get by reaching the following levels :
Criminal Case Ranks and Levels Promotion  :

Officer (Lvl 1 - 4)
Deputy (Lvl 5-11)
Detective (Lvl 12-19)
Corporal (Lvl 20-31)
Sergeant (Lvl 32-44)
Lieutenant (Lvl 45-59)
Captain (Lvl 60-74)
Major (Lvl 75-99)
Inspector (Lvl 100-124)

Lead-Inspector (Lvl 125-149)

Commander (Lvl 150-174)
Deputy-chief (Lvl 175-199)
Commissioner (Lvl 200-249)
Sheriff ( Lvl 250-299)
Ranger (Lvl 300-349)
Marshal ( Lvl 350-399)
Senior-trooper(Lvl 400-..)
General(Lvl 500-599) 
Secret Agent (Lvl 600-...)

[CC NEWS] A new Pet Shop is opening its doors soon!

Which one will you adopt first?

Auto Play

Criminal Case Auto Play (stars,coins,xp..)

ID number = User ID
Signature = Signature
Stage = N° Case
Level = N° Scene
 0/5 = Submit Button

*Leave both boxes unchecked if you want to fill your stars in a specific scene.
 *Check the "Elite" box if you want to fill your stars in a specific scene in Elite Mode.
*Check the "Infinite" box if you want to level up fast.
Note : There are 56 Cases on Grimsborough & 59 Cases on Pacific Bay.
if you are on case 10 on Pacific Bay, it mean 56+10 = Stage #66.


*Application need Microsoft .NET Framework.

jeudi 16 avril 2015


The time has come! As of today, Criminal Case is now available on Google Play stores WORLDWIDE! You can now download and play Criminal Case on your ANDROID phones and tablets !


samedi 4 avril 2015

Auto Feed Pets

Criminal Case Auto Feed Pets

If you want your Police Pets to grow quickly and would like to automatically feed your pets in Criminal Case, then this Criminal Case Pets Feeder is for you :

How to use:

1- Get Your Criminal Case ID & Signature.

2- Link For Auto Feed Pets : 

For Criminal Case (Original) => Criminal Case Auto Feed Pets (GB)

For Criminal Case Pacific Bay =>  Criminal Case Auto Feed Pets (PB)

For Criminal Case Save The World => Criminal Case Auto Feed Pets (STW)

*If you are using Google Chrome please Active Flash Player.