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jeudi 23 avril 2015

Ranks & Levels

Ranks & Levels

As you progress in the game of Criminal Case you will earn XP (experience) points. You can keep track of how many XP points you have by looking at the blue bar at the top left of your game screen...
When you Level Up, you also reach a new Rank (e.g. Deputy). When this happens, in addition to getting the opportunity to share free Orange Juice on Facebook, you have the opportunity to share free Potato Chips with your friends...

There are currently 19 Ranks in Criminal Case, you can get by reaching the following levels :
Criminal Case Ranks and Levels Promotion  :

Officer (Lvl 1 - 4)
Deputy (Lvl 5-11)
Detective (Lvl 12-19)
Corporal (Lvl 20-31)
Sergeant (Lvl 32-44)
Lieutenant (Lvl 45-59)
Captain (Lvl 60-74)
Major (Lvl 75-99)
Inspector (Lvl 100-124)

Lead-Inspector (Lvl 125-149)

Commander (Lvl 150-174)
Deputy-chief (Lvl 175-199)
Commissioner (Lvl 200-249)
Sheriff ( Lvl 250-299)
Ranger (Lvl 300-349)
Marshal ( Lvl 350-399)
Senior-trooper(Lvl 400-..)
General(Lvl 500-599) 
Secret Agent (Lvl 600-...)