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mercredi 5 octobre 2016

Criminal Case : What is Elite Mode?

What is Elite Mode?

In Criminal Case Elite Mode you can replay your favorite Cases and earn Bronze, Silver and Gold Rings in return. When you enter Elite Mode, Crime Scenes and mini-games will be tougher - challenging you to put your expert detective skills to the test! It also gives you the chance to earn even higher scores and prove that you’re the best detective out there!
Elite Mode becomes available once you finish the Additional investigation and complete all 45 Stars within a Case. 
Criminal Case Elite Mode

You can play Cases in Elite Mode concurrently with Cases in the regular playing mode, but you can only open a limited number of Cases in Elite Mode at a time. If you are unable to unlock additional Elite Mode Cases, it is because you need to arrest more killers and earn additional Bronze Rings.
Elite Mode is a challenge, but it also means that you can earn higher scores! If you beat a previous high score, then you and your Teammates will see a special Elite Mode laurel next to your name!
What are the Rings for?
Playing and completing Cases in Criminal Case Elite Mode will earn you Bronze, Silver and Gold Rings. Just as you earn Medals in the regular playing mode, you'll earn a Bronze Ring for arresting the Killer, a Silver Ring for completing the Additional Investigation and a Gold Ring for completing all the Stars.
If you are able to attain all 3 Medals and all 3 Rings in a Case, congratulations - this means that you really are the best of the best! 
Gold Rings also unlock special outfits in the Elite Avatar Shop. Once the Elite outfits are unlocked they can be purchased with Coins, and then equipped on your character like regular avatar items. 
The first outfit will be unlocked once you have acquired 2 Gold Rings. To access the Elite Avatar Shop, first open the Avatar Shop, then click the “Elite Shop” button in the top right corner.