To progress to the next Case, you need to:
1. Complete any outstanding tasks listed in the "Tablet" view (you'll find the "Tablet" icon in the bottom left corner once entering a Case).
2. Once you've finished all required tasks (including the Additional Investigation), open the Tablet view and click the "Unlock" button
3. You'll have to obtain 3 Reports to advance to the next Case. There are three ways to get Reports:
  • You can ask 3 Teammates or Facebook friends to send you Reports. If you're playing on mobile, you must first connect to Facebook to access this feature. 
  • You can wait 3 days for the next Case to unlock automatically.
  • You can pay a nominal price to unlock the next Case instantly. If you're playing on Facebook, you can unlock the next Case with "Cash" (which is a purchasable item). If you're playing on mobile you can purchase access directly.
  • If you're playing on Facebook, refresh your browser before checking for Reports to ensure that they load properly.
  • If you're playing on a mobile device, make sure you're connected to a strong Internet connection so that you can be sure to receive all Reports that your friends send you!
  • Report requests expire 2 days after being sent.