Why should I get a Police Pet?
Police Pets can help you find items (Orange Juice, Energy, Coins, Lucky Cards), called "Lucky Finds," at the end of Crime Scene investigations.
The Lucky Find you get depends on the Special Skills of the pets you've adopted. For example, the German Shepherd can either find 1000 Coins or a Lucky Card, while the King Charles Spaniel will either find 15 XP or a Lucky Card.
How do I get a Police Pet?
There is a Police Pet Shop in each District of Grimsborough, Pacific Bay and the World Edition. You can access Police Pet Shops in previous Districts; you are not restricted to your current District. Also, Pets are not limited to the District where you have adopted them - they can accompany you to any District and Case!
To unlock Police Pet Shops, you will need Gold Medals. You earn Gold Medals by completing all 45/45 Stars in a Case. The Gold Medals that you earn are only valid to unlock Pet Shops in the City in which you earned them (e.g. Gold Medals earned in Grimsborough will not count towards unlocking Pet Shops in Pacific Bay).
Most Dogs can be purchased with Coins, but premium Pets can only be bought with game Cash (on Facebook) or via direct purchase (on the mobile app).
Adopting a Pet
Once you have the required amount of Gold Medals to unlock the Pet Shop, go to the Map view and click on the "Dog" icon in any District you have access to. Choose the pet you want and click "Adopt."
Equipping a Pet
Equipping a Pet means that it will accompany you during all future Crime Scene Investigations until you decide to unequip it.
To equip a Pet or change from one Pet to another, open the Map view and click on the "Dog Bowl" icon. The "Dog House" appears. Click on the green arrows on each side of the pop-up to select the Pet you want, then click the "Equip" button.
How do I make my Police Pet evolve?
Making your Pet evolve will improve its Special Skill, increasing your probability of getting Lucky Finds! Once you have adopted one or more Pets, you will be able to make them evolve by increasing their Loyalty.
The progression of your Pet's Loyalty can be followed by checking the Loyalty bar in the Dog House.
You can increase your Pet's level of Loyalty by feeding it. To do this, click on the Dog bowl icon visible on the Map view. Use the green arrows to select the Pet you want to feed. Choose food for your Pet:
  • The Bone gives 1 Loyalty point and is consumed in 5 minutes
  • The Fish gives 5 Loyalty points and is consumed in 4 hours
  • The Chicken wing gives 10 Loyalty points and is consumed in 12 hours
  • The Ham gives 10 Loyalty points and is consumed instantly (this is a purchasable, premium Pet food)
Once your Pet has finished its meal, you can immediately feed it again!
Feeding Tips:
  • Bones are the best food to give to your Pets while you are playing, as you can go back and feed them often and easily.
  • The Chicken wing is the best food to give to your Pet before going to sleep, as it takes longer for your Pet to finish it.
  • A Pet can eat Ham while it is eating something else.
  • Nothing bad will happen to your Pet if you forget to feed it. :)
Your Police Pet can Level Up
When your Pet's Loyalty bar is full, it will gain a Loyalty level and its abilities will improve.
In addition, your Pet will grow up when it reaches the 3rd and 5th Loyalty levels, getting a new appearance! Once it reaches Loyalty level 5, your Pet has reached its highest Loyalty level and cannot improve its Special Skill any further.